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Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t have any influence over the data collected by health providers. Ideally everyone should be following the Ministry of Health’s protocols for ethnicity data collection and reporting. We display the data which has been made available to us, but we consistently aim to compare Māori with either non-Māori, non-Māori non-Pacific, and or New Zealand Europeans. Sometimes comparison with the Total Population is given because no other relevant groups are through the data available. This is not our preference as comparison with the Total Population masks dilutes the differences which exist.
We didn’t choose these indicators, they chose us! We acknowledge that there are many important health indicators that could be reported through this website. Initially we’re concentrating on the mandatory national indicators for District Health Board Māori Health Plans which were advised by the Ministry of Health.
We collate health data from multiple sources around the nation. We’re very thankful to the various health organisations along the value stream which collect the data. Roles in the health sector are frequently changing and so the precise organisation, unit, or individual collecting data frequently changes. We perform the data collation role for organisations so that they can concentrate on performance improvement rather than sourcing data.
The data displayed on this site is all in the public domain - you just need to know where to look. Collecting this data can be very time consuming. We perform the data collation role for organisations so that they can concentrate on performance improvement rather than scavenging data. We never display health data which facilitates identification at an individual level. The data presented on this site is aggregated and reported in large groups.
At this stage the original data cannot be downloaded from our site. If you wish to see data for an indicator organised or displayed in a different way to what you see here let us know and we’ll aim to accommodate your request.
We’ve aimed to report data where it has been accurately aggregated to a regional level. In most cases though, data is collected at an organisation level (e.g. DHB or PHO) and cannot be accurately combined to produce regional level reports. But if you’d like to see more regional reporting please let us know.
If you see something which may be incorrect please let us know. We aim to provide the most accurate data available and are always eager to improve.
Health data in the public domain has usually undergone rigorous quality control by the Ministry of Health before it’s published. However, between the time that it’s collected and published your organisation may have access to it but no one else can see it. This is the case for Health Target data for example. If you’d like to see data earlier than what is reported here please let us know so that we can add it to the to-do list.
We’re keen to constantly improve this site so that it meets the needs of people who direct and influence the health sector. Please let us know if you have an idea for improving the site. If enough people make a request we prioritise it for development.
We aim to report indicator data within 24-hours of it becoming available to the public. Most indicators are reported quarterly, others are every six months, and for some indicators annual reporting is used.